The Spokesperson August 25, 2022

Published August 29, 2022 | 09:27 AM


Minutes of August 25, 2022 Meeting by Ted DeVantier  
Photos by Ellen Lysik   
Welcome to Rotary August 25, 2022

President Scott Chabot rang the opening bell at 12:15 p.m. Larry Neal led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then the national anthem.

Nancy Dedenbach led “The Four-Way Test and Bob Lee gave the invocation. Today’s lunch: grilled chicken with barbecue sauce, macaroni and cheese, cauliflower, salad and cookies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.


   * Scott highlighted two upcoming speakers. Our district governor Bala Murthy will be visiting on September 8. Then, the assistant governor will join us a few weeks later.

   * Val Miller noted the large turnout at today’s meeting.  She then gave an enthusiastic plea to all Rotarians to get involved with the next fundraiser, the Sock Hop event on September 30. Everyone needs to sell tickets to the event, sell raffle tickets, invite people, everyone’s participation is needed for the event to be a success. Also sponsorships and advertising are other ways to participate.

   * Ted DeVantier indicated that we would be able to charge credit cards at future meetings for fundraiser items.


Julie Elkins, guest of Scott Chabot
Alyssa Kehrig, guest of Val Miller
Tim and Melissa Morabito, guests of Amanda Oparka
Luke Eckstein, guest of Jim Gwisdalla
Lauren Christilaw, guest of MaKaya Gardner and our speaker today
Bruce Eriksen, guest of Glenn Burton, and Glenn’s son, Nathan


Glenn Burton got the first one for his birthday, then Eric Pierson for partner Melissa. We sang happy birthday, glad to have our piano player back.

No wedding or club anniversaries.

Gary Felts bought the first flower for our server Tina. Then MaKaya Gardner for our speaker, Amanda Oparka for her friend and guest Melissa, Doug Norris for fiancée Susan, Nancy D for Luca and finally Sam Wireman bought one for guest Julie Elkins.

Then, for reasons only known to Gary our piano-man or Bob Lee our song-leader, we sang Happy Birthday again!

Bob then led us in song with “In the Good Old Summertime” and “Roll Rotary.”


   * Ellen Lysik announced the upcoming road rally fundraiser for BRAVO.
   * Nancy Dedenbach announced the Anton Art Center’s Art Party on September 22, $75.

   * Kathleen Best put in a good word about the club Happy Hour event planned for August 31. ($10 per person)

   * Glenn Burton had each of his guests tell about their visits to other Rotary clubs. His son visited the E. Anchorage club in Alaska, and Bruce   has been attending meetings via Zoom with his Ecuador club.

   * Eric Pierson put in a word about the upcoming golf outing on September 15. Contact Eric to sign up for the event or just come for dinner.


Eric first fined Ellen Lysik and Julie Miller $5 for their non-Rotary announcement. Nancy Dedenbach got the same treatment for her Art Center ad.

Stephanie Mirabile paid the maximum for her trip to Greece. Kathleen Best paid $3 for going to Colorado. Ed Mastry paid $3 for asking Eric not to humiliate the guests. Then Glenn Burton paid for a ride home from a Tigers game, in a state police car!

Sarah Lee paid for a recent Canada trip, then paid more for an upcoming trip, this time to Halifax and Newfoundland. Doug Norris and fiancée Susan are heading there too, $3.

Asked if we can use credit cards to charge raffle tickets, Jessica Johnson said “I’ll look into it.” Eric fined her $1 for not knowing but complimented her for the difficult job.

Val Miller paid $3 for her 4½ minute fundraiser announcement. Eric tried to fine Alyssa still-not-a-member-after-four-meetings Kehrig, but as she’s not a member yet and it’s not her fault — Sam Wireman inherited the fine. Finally, Bob Lee paid $1 more for suggesting Eric take the whole tray of cookies.

Ellen Lysik reminded us to bring in scratch-off lotto tickets, wine and booze for the party baskets.

Scott introduced Julie Elkins.
Julie is looking for volunteers and supplies as they pack boxes of items for our troops overseas. 
They are hosting events at Fern Hill on September 19 and October 20.
Check with Scott to find out more.
Our speaker today was Lauren Christilaw from ARC Macomb. ARC Macomb is a service and support agency for adults with developmental disabilities.  The organization is approaching 70 years of service in Macomb County. The ARC program is part of a national network.

Much of their work is advocacy and support for families who care for disabled adults. This includes helping them understand the daunting Medicaid and Social Security benefit rules and help with finding living arrangements and support services. They work closely with the Macomb County Community Mental Health agency in arranging services and housing.  

They are unique from other ARC programs as they provide facility based day program services. They offer an on-site work program that teaches job skills and offers individuals a chance to gain real employment. They also teach daily living skills with an apartment and kitchen setting within the facility.

One of the biggest challenges they face is the shortage of front-line workers, the staff who provide the hands-on assistance. There is a need to expand services. Lauren said they could serve twice as many in their facility, but adequate staff must be present.

Transportation has become another challenge.  

There are currently 19,000 students in Macomb County’s special ed classes. These students will become adults and will need the support of the Macomb ARC and other support agencies.

Thank you Lauren for today’s program.

For more information on the agency, opportunities to help or donate, or their upcoming golf outing at Gowanie, see

The ARC is dedicated to securing for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose where and how they learn, live, and work throughout their lifetimes in the community we share.

50/50 winner Val Miller $52.
September 15 NO MEETING
Don't forget to sign up for this fun event! Gowanie Country Club -
18 Holes, Lunch, Dinner and fun!  Hope to see you there.
Juli Elkins spoke to our club about helping
our military overseas with care packages for the troops.
There is a dropoff date of September 19 
and a volunteer event on October 20.
* * *
We need every Rotarian's support on selling at least two or three books to help support this year's beneficiaries.  Please talk to President-Elect, Sam Wireman on getting these raffle tickets for sale.  The more we all can sell, the more RI and our beneficiaries win! Tickets and Tables of 10 for the fundraiser can be purchased online on our Club Website.  Donations can now be accepted on the event page too:
speaker Ann Marie Ottoy
Clinton Township Inclusive Playground
speaker Kimberly Janowicz
City Life Magazine
Purchase tickets for our September 30 fundraiser online
through PayPal. You will receive an email confirmation. 
Please visit the Events section of our Mount Clemens Rotary Club website
to purchase individual tickets or a table for 10 attendees.


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