The Spokesperson May 12, 2022

Published May 15, 2022 | 12:00 PM


Minutes of May 12, 2022 Meeting by Ryan Murphy  
Photos by Scott Chabot  
Our president, Jeff Furest opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Vita Simmons led us in the Pledge. Next up, Amanda Oparka led us in “The Four-Way Test,” and Sarah Lee led us in prayer. For lunch we enjoyed salad, potatoes, a chicken dish, and of course green beans! There was a nice dessert assortment as well.

Sadly, Dana Camphous-Peterson had to resign from the club due to work requirements
Happily, Tom Welsh accepted Dana’s vacant board position!
There will be no meeting 5/26 (Memorial Day) nor 6/30 (Fourth of July)
At the meeting 6/2, Jimmy Gwizdala and team will be presenting on use of the new website. Don’t miss it!
Scott Chabot announced our guests that included:

     Our honored guest Kayla Mazure and her parents Jill and Curt Mazure.

     Brian Maninen, teacher at the Pankow Center and guest of the Piersons.

     The well-known Bill Pierson, member of the Richmond Rotary Club

     Bruce Eriksen, guest of Glenn Burton

Amanda Oparka handled the flowers.

    Karan Bates-Gasior and Dave Gerlach had bdays but weren’t there to get their flowers
    Ted DeVantier’s wife, Anne-Marie and Ray Glime’s wife, Gretchen, had birthdays as well this week

Club anniversaries:
    Scott Chabot and Larry Neal

Glenn Burton bought a flower for his guest Bruce Erikson
Eric Pierson bought a flowers for Kayla and her parents
Nancy bought a flower for Bill Pierson (because Eric didn’t!)
Gary Felts bought a flower for Tina for her hard work
Ken Steele bought a flower for Sam Wireman for his work filling in for Ed
Sarah Lee tried to lead the group in music today (near impossible task). We tried to sing “Good old Summertime” and “Sing Rotarians”


No sunshine or good will today.

Scott announced that the Rotary volunteer project with the YMCA will be June 4. More details to come.

Sarah Lee discussed (at great length, which cost her later) the fundraiser baskets. We need ideas for more baskets that can now be fall themed activities. Please donate items to Sarah, Ellen, or Val. Cash donations are also accepted. Also, please bring in a $40+ bottle of wine or craft beer.
Glenn Burton was on for recognition today and was moving fast and furious

Sarah Lee was fined $2 for her lengthy announcement while Bob Lee was hit for a blatant violation of the Rotary announcement only policy

Scott Chabot was fined $2 for dropping the bulletin into the lap of an amazing writer less than an hour before the meeting!

Ken was fined $2 fo
r his weekly wine fine (what’s the problem with a glass of wine?)

Mary Ann Hosey was fined $2 for her fashionably late arrival

Amanda Oparka was fined $2 for her virtual flowers last week

Chris LaTour was fined $2 for not knowing the music book was in alphabetical order (gladly Glenn didn’t find out that I had no idea about that either!)

He then moved on to impossible trivia that cost $2 for all the wrong answers:
How many Rotary clubs are in Ukraine? 62 - WRONG
How many rotary members in Ukraine? 1,100 - WRONG
How much money was raised by Rotary for Ukraine? - $3.2 million - WRONG
When was the first Rotary club founded in Ukraine? 1929 - WRONG
What are the four initiatives for Ukraine Rotary clubs? Apparently guessing one was enough for the favorite table

We had the pleasure to have the Pierson Scholarship recipient Kayla Mazure with us today.
First her teacher,
Brian Maninen told us about Kayla who is a VERY impressive student. She attends L’Anse Creuse High School where she is graduating as a top 10 valedictorian. She will be attending the University of Michigan next year where she will be in the School of Engineering and will be majoring in mechanical engineering. Brian says her work ethic is second to none!

He discussed that she excelled in multiple programs where she first passed a 3D modeling track in her first attempt at a test that only has an eventual 40% pass rate. With that time she was able to pursue her own accelerated learning and become certified in other tracks on her own. She started architecture the second semester where she used CAD (hope I’m using that term correctly!) where she was able to design a home on her own. You can see this at the Pankow CAD facebook page.

Kayla was also able to come up to talk to us briefly but it’s hard to add to that already extremely impressive resume!
50/50 WINNER
Nancy Dedenbach won $40! Congrats!



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