The Spokesperson October 20, 2022

Published October 21, 2022 | 09:56 AM


Minutes of October 20, 2022 Meeting by Glenn Burton     
As the rain and snow flew, so did the Mount Clemens Rotarians into the Italian American Cultural Center. Greeting us were the duo of Ken Steele and Ed Mastry, who gladly took our 50/50 $$$.

At 12:16 President Scott Chabot rang the bell and called us to order. Mental health was the topic of the day and to discuss this were District Governor-Elect Collyer Smith and therapist Rebecca Trouse MA,LPC,NCC,BCPCC.

William Furest had the honor of leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem. Piano Gary was in the house and covered up our singing faux pauxs. Doug Norris took us through “The Four-Way Test.” Sarah Lee gave one of her many heartfelt invocations, blessing us for our fields of service.

Lunch consisted of grilled breaded chicken breast, tasty roasted potatoes, vegi medley (including green beans), rolls, salad, and cake for dessert.


With two speakers on the docket, Pres Scott shortened up our grazing time. Club biz consisted of the Richmond Rotary, by way of Eric Pierson’s brother, A Night at the Races, and flyers were distributed at each table.

Sam Wireman announced our guests and visitors which were the aforementioned speakers, and Michele Chabot graced us with her attendance. P. Gary lit up the room with “Glad to see you here at Rotary."

Kim Jarvis handled the b-days, anniversaries (of which there were none) but Chuck Dib and Bill 1st — 44 years of club faithfulness. Bill is making a donation for his years of service, so he was bequeathed a white flower. Kim had her work cut out for her with a tuff crowd but the wallets opened up and petals flew.

P. Gary to our server Tina, Sam to Rebecca Trouse, Nancy Dedenbach to Collyer Smith, Pres Scott to his lovely wife, Jessica Johnson to Kim J and Christine LaTour. With one left, Kim passed it to Louise Rallis.


Jessica J conducted us in music with "Aint We Got Fun,” a rarity, and “Vive la Rotary.”


Past Pres Larry Neal was next up with announcements:

   *** Nancy D stated that there will be no Spooktacular so our donated candy goes back to the donors.

   *** Christine L has openings for 12/3 Salvation Army Bell Ringing and I will say from past experience it's a fun hour or two.

   *** Tom Welsh promoted the Polio+ event at Orleans in Mount Clemens 10/25 4-7 p.m. at $10 pp with a goal of $2,001 to beat his former Portage Club.


No Sunshine or Goodwill so Larry got to work.

Fall fashion judging was on tap for Nancy D and Sarah L and by a small margin Sarah had the honor of a $2 fine and runner-up Nancy a buck. Sam got nicked for shirt advertising of his practice $2. Arriving late to the meeting is a no/no in Larry’s book so Joe C $1 and Louise R $1 PLUS an additional $2 for her upcoming trip to San Francisco. Bill 1st hunting adventures got $5 more expensive. Who brings their own salad dressing to a meeting? Bob Lee that’s who … defiantly in POUR taste. A debate over the music ensued between Jessica J, Tom W with P Gary with P Gary ending on a sour note of $3.

Since October is Mental Health Awareness Month — which Rotary supports — our speakers address the crowd on the topic. Our District Gov.-elect Collyer Smith gave an emotional and heartfelt experience of his son who dealt with the battle of depression, drug and alcohol addiction. His son was sent to a treatment center in California for a period of time and they all believed that he had conquered issues of the disease and done all the right things but it was not to be. Collyer has taken on this role in his life to help raise funds and get active in the community about bringing awareness of this all-encompassing mental illness. Rebecca Trouse a professional counselor, noted the disease on the rise. The disease affects the “prefrontal cortex” and when drugs and alcohol enter the system, therapy of all types are needed, such as family, individual and group on a continued basis not just “one & done.” Rebecca gave us some helpful tips of “smile” have patience and tolerance of others. Also a breathing exercise of four breaths in and slowly out through the nose, has a very calming effect on the mind and body. We all have to mindful of our loved ones who are going through this type of trauma … just talk to them and get some help.
50/50 $46 winner was Bill ”Back in the saddle again” 1st
Happy Hour Social Gathering
and PolioPlus fundraiser
Orleans Pub
Raise money for PolioPlus
Santa Parade downtown Mount Clemens


Meetings Hosted Every Thursday at 12:15 PM
Italian American Cultural Society and Banquet Center 43843 Romeo Plank Rd. Clinton Township, MI 48038