The Spokesperson September 29, 2022

Published September 30, 2022 | 01:43 PM


Minutes of September 22, 2022 Meeting by Sam Wireman  
Photos by Valerie Miller  

President Scott Chabot called the meeting to order at 12:15 on September 29, 2022. Rotarian Nancy Dedenbach led us in the Pledge and national anthem. The recital of “The Four-Way Test” was led by Ellen Lysik. Ellen also shared the invocation for the day prepared by Sarah Lee. Lunch for the day was a pretzel roll, smashed cheesy potatoes, green beans, sausage and sauerkraut with a Caesar salad on the side. Dessert was an assortment of delicious cookies.

Scott previewed what is planned for the upcoming month. For the Oct. 6 meeting, we have a speaker for PolioPlus. A few weeks later, on the 20th, we will have our District Governor elect Collyer Smith, and Rebecca Trouse present on mental health and mental wellness since Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Awareness Day. Rebecca is a counselor based out of Rochester and was asked to present as a local mental health expert. Later in the month, we have our next happy hour. On Oct. 26, we will get together to raise money for polio while we build memories.

MaKaya Gardner announced the visitors for the meeting. We had a couple of visitors this week. Tim and Melissa Morabito were attending their second meeting as visitors. Apparently, our singing last time did not scare them away. (Side note: Jeri Hunley had a visitor come in late but I failed to get her information. My apologies but it was excellent to have your visitor with us.)
Valerie Miller announced birthdays, anniversaries and passed out flowers. We had the pleasure of singing to our fellow Rotarian Eric Pierson. He celebrated his birthday on September 28. Jeri Hunley celebrated her one-year anniversary in Rotary. Margo Baker also had a club anniversary.  

Ellen gave flowers to Stephanie Mirable, Val Miller, Julie Miller, and Ken Steele for all they do. Julie Huttenlocher gave a flower to Scott and Scott returned the favor for their massive contributions to the fundraiser.

Julie H led the music selection for the week. She picked “When You Wish Upon a Star” for our friends in Florida and “Sing a Song to Rotary.”

No sunshine to report.

Nancy announced that long time Rotarian Marty Rubin passed away at 102 years. He was a former club president and great embodiment of what Rotary stands for.

Bob Lee mentioned that Sarah L has two extra tickets for the fundraiser available free of charge for anyone who needs two extra tickets.

Bob Lee asked our visitor Melissa to assist him and they fined several Rotarians. MaKaya G was fined $3 because Bob took a class at the Y, and she is employed there. Glenn Burton was fined for his sailing derby. Julie H was fined $5 for her opinion on the sausage and sauerkraut. Val M was fined $5 for going on a trip. Newer Rotarian Alyssia Kehrig was fined $1 for having two phones and because Bob had not yet fined her. Karan Bates-Gasior was fined but I will point out Bob mispronounced her name and yours truly got fined for the same offense last week. Whomever has recognition next week, make a mental note. Bob fined Ken for $2. Nancy was fined $2 for being mean to Doug Norris. Yours truly was nearly fined for being late but had an acceptable excuse however Ryan Murphy was not. Bob fined Ryan $3 for giving him a glowing review of his practice.
There was no speaker this week because the scheduled speaker had a late minute personal matter that required her attendance.

50/50 winner Nancy D was the pot of $32.

Let's have a great fundraiser and a HUGE thank you for all of you that have contributed time, energy and resources!

Meeting adjourned at 1:05.
(Oct. 10 is  World Mental Health Awareness Day)
6380 District Governor elect Collyer Smith
counselor Rebecca Trouse
Raise money for PolioPlus
* * *
We need every Rotarian's support on selling at least two or three books to help support this year's beneficiaries.  Please talk to President-Elect, Sam Wireman on getting these raffle tickets for sale.  The more we all can sell, the more RI and our beneficiaries win! Tickets and Tables of 10 for the fundraiser can be purchased online on our Club Website.  Donations can now be accepted on the event page too:
Purchase tickets for our September 30 fundraiser online
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